He chose Gothenburg over London

He is the science journalist who wanted to enhance his science skills and move abroad. Gothenburg and the Master´s Programme in Environmental Science became his choice.
‘I had enough of London, and really like Sweden and Gothenburg. It is a lovely city’, says the Master student Duncan Geere.

He studied Meteorology at the University of Reading, but then decided to try something different. After working at a record label and in film PR in London he became a journalist. But he felt that he wanted to specialize in a particular subject.
‘I chose Environmental Science since it is a growing area of interest in the world.

He moved to Gothenburg in the fall of 2012 and started the two year Master’s Programme, choosing the city after visiting it in 2011.

‘Gothenburg is the right size. You don’t have to make plans three weeks ahead just to go out for a beer with your friends, like it was in London. You can still walk everywhere, but the city is big enough for your favorite bands to come here and play. And it is close to nature and the archipelago. It’s a well balanced city.’

The difference between studying in the UK and in Sweden is quite big, according to Duncan. He says that it is less stressful here.
‘There’s more focus on getting the actual work done here, as opposed to just getting good grades. It’s more relaxed here in Sweden.’

He also feels that Sweden has better international connections, and that Sweden feels more like a country that is a part of Europe and the rest of the world. Last year for example, he participated in a field course in China. Most of the other Master students come from Sweden, but the Master’s Programme is international and the teaching is in English. That, in combination with being free of charge for European students, makes Sweden an attractive alternative.
‘The fact that it is free to study here was a big part of my decision. I never would have been able to afford to study the same thing in the UK’, says Duncan Geere.

While studying in Gothenburg, he still works as a freelance journalist for newspapers, magazines and websites across the world. Working from a distance is not a problem for him.
‘Sweden is one of the best connected countries in the world. I can work from everywhere.’

Next June, he will hopefully get his Master’s degree. But he has no intentions of moving back to London.
‘My girlfriend is planning to move here from Austria in the next few months, so it probably wouldn’t go down well if I moved back to England. I’ll probably stay in Sweden for the time being.’

Duncan Geere

Age: 29 years old
Studies: The Master’s Programme in Environmental Science
Originally from: The UK
Titbits: Grew up with a father who was a diplomat, and lived in Africa and the Middle East until he was ten years old.