Five questions for…

… Malin Möller, completing her final year of a master’s programme in molecular biology and a master’s thesis at AstraZeneca.

1. Have you always wanted to be a molecular biologist?
“No, not specifically a molecular biologist, but I’ve always been very interested in biology, disease progression and medicine development.”

2. What’s the best thing about your programme?
“It’s hard to sum it up in just a few sentences, but I enjoy finding out how the human body is made up and how it communicates at a molecular level in order to work. It’s fascinating. The best part is contributing towards developments within science, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.”

3.Why did you choose to do your degree project at a company?
“I wanted to learn about the market within my field. And working at AstraZeneca has always been a dream of mine, as I’m most interested in pre-clinical and medical research.”

4. What made you choose the University of Gothenburg?
“After my bachelor’s degree in biomedicine, I wanted to develop the biology part of my education. The University of Gothenburg was the natural choice, as the programme allowed me to tailor my degree with the courses that interest me the most.”

5. What are the challenges for the future?
“The same challenges we face now: Improving our knowledge of the history and origins of diseases. We can then develop medicines and identify other factors to help us live longer. We’re doing a great job, but you can never do too much in this industry!”