Göran Hilmsersson, editorial

”We need to develop along with others”

half a year has now passed since I became dean. An assignment that is very rewarding and at the same time challenging. We have strong education and research in many areas – at the same time, we need to develop along with others. One field in which our researchers make important discoveries is the life sciences, where medicine, the natural sciences and technology meet.

The University of Gothenburg placed second in the life sciences in Sweden.

Gothenburg has long occupied a strong position in this field, and it still does. In this year’s Shanghai ranking, an annual ranking of universities in the world, it is heartening to note that the University of Gothenburg placed second in the life sciences in Sweden
and 40th in the world. We have also succeeded in winning large, prestigious research grants to develop research in the life sciences.
The health care sector is undergoing rapid technological evolution that requires many different skills. At many higher education institutions, medical students and science students have a competitive relationship – even so, a lot of scientists work on medical projects. Scientists contribute expertise in areas such as mathematics, molecular biology, cell biology and genetics as well as useful tools for their development. Another relevant example is the analysis of large amounts of data that current research generates, which requires in-depth knowledge of mathematical statistics and artificial intelligence.

Gothenburg is uniquely positioned to develop collaborations. We have Sahlgrenska University Hospital (northern Europe’s largest hospital), Region Västra Götaland, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and in particular our research colleagues at Sahlgrenska Academy. In planning for the future, the university is now bringing together education and research in the life sciences at Medicinareberget, near the hospital – so that these fields of expertise will be close to each other. By being physically closer to each other, collaboration can develop.

As long as we are involved in driving development, we are involved in advancing humanity into the future.

Göran Hilmersson,
Dean and Professor