Nudibranchs feature in new “National Key”

The new volume of the Nationalnyckeln [National Key] book project that describes Sweden’s flora and fauna presents 146 different species of molluscs. Researcher Fredrik Pleijel took many of the stunning photos.

Capturing the character of molluscs on camera is a true test of patience. Most species are one to two centimetres in length, but some are just a few millimetres long.

“The fact that many of these animals are so small makes the task of photographing them much harder. Another issue is that the animals move, and it can be tricky to get the camera settings in place in time. Sometimes everything runs smoothly and I only take a handful of photos, while other times it can take up to 50 images before I’m satisfied. And sometimes I’m still not happy,” says Fredrik Pleijel.

The new volume of Nationalnyckeln Blötdjur: Sidopalpssnäckor – taggsäcksnäckor is about nudibranchs and other closely related species in the Heterobranchia taxonomic clade of snails and slugs.

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