Eight out of ten former students happy with their Bachelor’s degree

They feel it is easy to get a job, they enjoy their work and would probably choose the same programme of study again. These are the results of a survey of former students of the Faculty of Science conducted in spring 2022.

As a part of  the development of its courses and study programmes, the Faculty regularly surveys how former students experienced their education and what has happened with them since they left the University. The last survey had been conducted in 2018, so it was time for a new round in spring 2022.

The results show that slightly more than half of the students chose to continue their studies after obtaining their Bachelor’s degree. One in four answered that they were still at University and thus have not yet started working. However, of those who had started working, 77 per cent felt it was easy to get a job and all of 92 per cent were enjoying their work.

The former students were also satisfied with their Bachelor’s degree – 83 per cent stated that they are either fairly or very satisfied, and 76 per cent would probably or definitely choose the same programme of study again.

“These are pleasing numbers and confirm the picture we have had since the previous alumni survey,” says Per Åberg, Vice Dean for Education at the Faculty of Science.

The former students were also given the opportunity to answer questions about specific skills they feel they acquired through their education, and what they felt was lacking. The skills that most of them felt that their education had provided were subject area knowledge at a sufficient level for their future occupations, and the capacity to critically examine and assess new knowledge. What many of them felt was lacking was the opportunity for internships or placements during their education and more practical elements of various kinds.

“We must take these comments on board and look into the possibility of developing the programmes,” Per Åberg explained.

About the alumni survey

The survey was distributed to students at the Faculty of Science who had obtained their Bachelor’s degree between 2018 and 2021. The response rate was 39 per cent (506 respondents in total).

  • 34 per cent have permanent employment.
  • One in four is still studying and thus have not yet begun to work in their field.
  • Among those who had started working, seven out of 10 landed a job within three months.
  • 93 per cent stated that they secured a job within a year.
  • 89 per cent felt that their education was relevant to their occupational practice.
  • More than half are still working in Gothenburg, and a further 26 per cent work in Västra Götaland.