Research into learning within Brobyggaren

Within academia, research-based education is a common concept whereby education in a subject takes place close to current research. Within the Brobyggaren project, the opposite is being done instead.

A number of doctoral students will be linked to the project, and will study the education provided within the context of Brobyggaren in various ways. Three positions have been advertised during the spring, and the doctoral students will begin their work in the autumn.

“This is particularly pleasing, as a relatively small part of the research has a direct focus on teacher education issues, and carrying out teacher education on a scientific basis is of strategic importance,” says Jesper Boesen, Head of the CUL graduate school.

The Faculty of Science is responsible for the initiative, together with the Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies (IDPP) and the City of Gothenburg. The doctoral students will be affiliated with the Centre for Educational Science and Teacher Research (CUL).


The Centre for Educational Science and Teacher Research (CUL) is an inter-faculty graduate school at the University of Gothenburg. CUL aims to promote the development of research related to teacher education and educational professional activity, and to encourage research to be linked to basic teacher education.