Researchers’ eco-smart obstacle used at Gothenburg Horse Show

For the third year running, researchers from the University of Gothenburg took their sustainable obstacle to the Gothenburg Horse Show.

Angela Wulff, Kristina ‘Snuttan’ Sundell and Maria Sundin created the Ecoestrian obstacle from recycled materials.

What’s so special about the new obstacle?
“Almost all the parts are made from recycled materials. This year, we’ve developed it to include even more recycled textiles, in addition to the recycled board and wood used previously. This year’s poles are made from recycled board with elegant covers made from old jeans in shades of blue and white. And of course, we’ve recycled the Ecoestrian gate from the first year, which is covered with recycled grey military horse blankets.”

How have you worked with the obstacle?
“We started with brainstorming and bouncing ideas back and forth about developing the obstacle in terms of materials and design. Then we contacted Got Event, Lövsta Future Challenge and the Swedish Equestrian Federation to get the go-ahead.

“We also spoke with the course builder to discuss materials and appearance, so it could be used with different combinations and courses. Then came the actual production process, for which we used recycling company The Loop Factory headed up by designer Lill O Sjöberg, and finally the denim bar covers were sewn by Gundi Bohlin, a tailor from Hedefors.”

How does it feel, being involved like this?
“It’s been such fun, and a real honour. To think that our obstacles have now been used three times at the Gothenburg Horse Show and a European Championships! It’s fantastic.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“We want to strike a blow for recycling at every level. Horse riding involves large amounts of materials and high levels of consumption, so if we can highlight ways to use more recycled materials that’s a real positive.

“Our idea isn’t just that the actual obstacle should be made from recycled materials but that it should exude recycling, showing and inspiring riders and the audience that they can easily do much more!”