Academia + industry = true love

13-14 October will mark the première of the “dating days” bringing together industry and academia in order to find solutions to specific problems and to form partnerships.

The theme for this first meeting is “Feedback dynamics in image analysis using artificial intelligence”. Project directors Caroline Beck Adiels and Matthias Obst are already in full swing with the planning.

“We plan to meet in person, the pandemic permitting, but if that isn’t possible then we’ll switch to an online meeting. The event will take place over 24 hours, starting and ending with lunch, and we believe the theme will appeal to people from a wide range of fields,” says Caroline Beck Adiels.

Her colleague Matthias Obst adds:
“We want to help foster ties between researchers and businesses in relation to well-defined issues. Our hope is that the conversations we have beforehand and over the course of these two days will lead to trusting, long-term relationships that can benefit both parties.”

During the first day, invited representatives from various companies will describe the challenges they have faced in terms of AI-driven image analysis. Participants will then seek to identify overlapping issues through discussion, and on the following day these will feed into those issues that will form the basis of broader cooperation.

The “dating days” have been named GUIDE days, which stands for Gothenburg University: Industrial Dating Event. They will take place twice a year. Keep an eye on our calendar at