Ezio Iacocca receives doctoral thesis award

The Faculty of Science’s doctoral thesis award for 2015 goes to Ezio Iacocca from the Department of Physics.

Ezio Iacocca received the The Faculty of Science’s doctoral thesis award for 2015.

Ezio Iacocca received the The Faculty of Science’s doctoral thesis award for 2015.

How does it feel to receive this year’s doctoral thesis Award?
It feels great! I believe that it is very important to strive for excellence in a research environment. Receiving the Faculty of Science’s award for the best thesis of the year reaffirms this belief, and is a motivation to set the standard even higher in my current and future research.

What is your research about?
I research magnetism on a nanoscale, specifically how an electric current interacts with magnetism and the subsequent dynamic effects. The main purpose of this research is to push the limits of our technology and exploit the features of magnetic materials for future applications in communication technology and computer memory. I find the complexity of the problem really exciting, so it is fundamental to combine numerical simulations, theory and experiments, making it truly interdisciplinary.

 What are the challenges within your field of research?
The field of nanomagnetism has been very active during the last decade, so the challenges have changed over time. I would say that the main challenge is for researchers to be innovative; to take the pieces of information available from theory, simulations and experiments and put them together in a way to propose novel perspectives that take advantage of the magnetic properties of materials.

What can society learn from your research?
Magnetic materials are at the core of electronic devices, and my research represents one of the paths to bring about a new generation of components that can potentially improve our electronics in terms of speed and power management.