The work of development from molecule to man and society

In August 2013, the City of Gothenburg began putting in place a plan for the further development of Medicinareberget. Parallel to this, the University of Gothenburg launched a project to produce a business idea regarding the University’s future on and around the hill.

The idea is to create a vibrant urban district around Medicinareberget. As far as the University of Gothenburg is concerned, this is intended to facilitate cooperation primarily between the Faculty of Science, the Sahlgrenska Academy, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Gothenburg University Library and the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, although other faculties might also be involved in the longer term. The City of Gothenburg’s aim is to create a mixed city providing accommodation, commerce and services.

This is how Elisabet Ahlberg, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, views the development:
“Medicinareberget has great potential, and having the opportunity to take part and develop the area around the hill is incredibly exciting. The aim of the development is to pool resources in terms of education, research and cooperation on issues that are related to life science in a broad sense and to illustrate these from the perspectives of different disciplines. In this way, Medicinareberget can become an important hub for solving the challenges that will face society.”

The Faculty of Science is currently situated in four locations in Gothenburg. And that is besides the activities that the Faculty is in charge of in three other places in Region Västra Götaland. What do you think it will look like in the future?
“The development project is still in its early stages, but the Faculty has made it clear that it wants a presence on Medicinareberget representing that part of the Faculty that is focused on life science and closely related areas. The project will run until the summer of 2017, and this means that at the present time we are open to ideas for different types of local alternatives that benefit our work in the long term,” Elisabet Ahlberg says.

What does the development mean for Gothenburg as a university city?
“The development means, for instance, that a university walkway will be created that links the different parts of the the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers.” The gap between Medicinareberget and Chalmers may be filled by the establishment of businesses that are of importance to both the universities, and this would then form an important part of the further development of Gothenburg as a university city. Communications that are good and clearly marked could mean the promoting of the walkway and therefore also the Univeristy’s presence in the city.

The City of Gothenburg is expected to reach a decision on the detailed plan for this area during the autumn.