New Programme Combines Gardening and Landscape Conservation

The Department of Conservation’s new programme in gardening and landscape conservation, which will start this autumn, has already attracted a lot of interest. To date, there are almost 250 applicants to the programme.
‘We target students who want to work practically in the green sector,’ says Pierre Nestlog, senior lecturer and in charge of the new programme.

The new programme will gather students interested in landscape conservation and gardening in one place. Until now, there have been separate programmes for the two fields.
‘The new programme will facilitate cross-fertilisation of knowledge between the two groups,’ says Nestlog.

IN PRACTICE, the line between landscape conservation and gardening is rather fuzzy. For example, it is not always clear whether the maintenance of a traditional English garden should be the responsibility of a professional gardener or a landscape conservation specialist.
‘There are no clear answers to this. Combining gardening and landscape conservation is a win-win strategy. This will greatly benefit the development of knowledge and of course also the overall quality of the programme,’ says Nestlog.

THE SPRING SEMESTER EXTENDS into the summer, and the autumn semester starts earlier than other programmes at the University.
‘We have to adjust to the harvest times, and this will be extra exciting this year with our brand-new gardening facility. The programme will give the students a solid foundation for their future careers, and I think that’s fantastic.’

Applicants autumn semester 2013

Specialisation in Landscape Conservation
108 applicants
2.1 first choice applicants per Place
2.9 applicants per place in total

Specialisation Gardening
239 applicants
2.9 first choice applicants per Place
12 applicants per place in total