Research in three minutes

Stomach complaints, big data, children’s testimonies and ice caves in the Antarctic. There was a wide range of subjects when eight researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology competed to give the best three-minute research presentation.

The Science Festival is the big event of the spring in Gothenburg, with researchers meeting the public and schools to communicate science in an easily accessible manner. More than 100 researchers from the University of Gothenburg took part in this year’s festival, which included everything from experiment workshops for children to open lectures in Nordstan.

One regular event is Science Slam, at which researchers present their research in three minutes. The audience pushes buttons to vote, and a winner is crowned. This year’s Science Slam featured four researchers from the University of Gothenburg, including Professor of Oceanography Anna Wåhlin. Her talk dealt with the large ice caves in the Antarctic, including their structure, how they are studied and the new life forms that have been discovered there – with 22 seconds left over. Afterwards, she was pleased with her talk.
“It felt good, although I probably spoke a little faster than normal. And Helena did really well – a worthy winner!”

It was Helena Backlund Wasling, a neuroscience researcher at the University of Gothenburg, who won the public vote. Her talk was about our sense of touch and what happens in the brain when we are touched. All the other participants were awarded an honourable joint second Place.