An interdisciplinary marine master’s programme is being created

The future requires a broad understanding of sustainable development issues and how the different parts fit together. Consequently, the University of Gothenburg has developed Master in Sea and Society, a new interdisciplinary marine master’s programme, which will begin in autumn 2019.

“It’s important to have a long-term programme that can contribute to a new generation of students with an interdisciplinary foundation”, says Per Moksnes, who is responsible for the new programme.

Efforts on an interdisciplinary programme began last spring with a master’s course in marine management offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the School of Business, Economics and Law, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

When Science Faculty Magazine visited the course in the Botanical building, one of the seminar rooms was buzzing with activity as students gathered around a large game board set up on several tables. Placed on the board were game pieces and colourful tiles with various symbols. This was a role play in which students simulate different interest groups that are going to design a marine plan.

“It was a difficult exercise for me, as I had to play the role of a representative for the oil and gas industry”, said student Cecilia Patriksson. She previously studied environmental science with a broad focus.

She thinks the course has been rewarding because the issues raised are things she has encountered in her working life. The aim of the course is to present an overview of the contents and requirements of the EU directive governing marine areas and provide students with a new type of interdisciplinary competence. The idea is to have an understanding of how the different parts fit together and affect each other. For example, the regulations are intended not only to protect nature, but they also concern the utilisation of marine resources.

This autumn two more master’s courses will be offered: “The Sea and Society Relationship” and “Bluegreen Economy and Sustainable Use of Marine Resources”. In autumn 2019, the Master in Sea and Society programme will begin.