Hanna Tinnerholm

5 questions for…

Hanna Tinnerholm, a third-year student in the Bachelor’s Programme in Earth Sciences, who is currently working on her degree project.

Why did you choose to study Earth Sciences?
“I’ve always been interested in science, and I thought it sounded particularly exciting to learn about all the processes that make up our Earth. Volcanoes, plate tectonics and glaciers were topics that sounded very appealing. And your future workplace is not limited to one place or one city either. You can work anywhere in the world.”

Why did you choose the University of Gothenburg?
“I love Gothenburg as a city and the University of Gothenburg was a natural choice when I realised that I wanted to move here. There are so many departments and programmes to choose from, and I was particularly interested when I realised that there were such good opportunities for sharing knowledge and for research.”

What are you looking forward to this spring?
“Besides sunshine and greenery, I am very much looking forward to writing my Bachelor’s degree project! I love writing reports and I’m especially excited about getting to do an independent project.”

What is your Bachelor’s degree project about?
“I will measure the amount of carbon and possibly nitrogen in the soil in Skogaryd, a research station around 100 km north of Gothenburg. Part of the forest is to be cleared, and the aim is to measure the carbon content and biomass of the forest beforehand.”

Your best advice to someone choosing a course?
“Let go of any preconceptions you may have picked up at school or from friends, and really explore all the possibilities. Find out what job opportunities are available after graduation and talk to a student who is studying what you are interested in and get that person’s perspective.”