Nine out of 10 science graduates satisfied with their education

Nine out of 10 are satisfied with their Bachelor’s education, according to a survey among recent science student graduates. To a great extent, they also feel that they received the knowledge and skills needed on the labour market from their education “Naturally, these are gratifying numbers and proof that we are providing good education,” says Per Åberg, assistant dean responsible for undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Science.

in autumn 2018, the faculty conducted a survey of former students who have taken at least 90 higher education credits in their main field of study during the past six years. The aim was to find out how well the science faculty’s Bachelor’s programme equips students for a professional career. Among other things, the results show that alumni to a great extent believe their education provided them with sufficient subject knowledge, a good ability to critically review and assess knowledge and the ability to plan and carry out tasks within a given framework.

after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, 60 per cent chose to enrol in a Master’s programme, either within the University of Gothenburg (49 per cent) or at another higher education institution (11 per cent). This means that some of the respondents have not yet entered the labour market in spite of having their Bachelor’s degree. But among those who have begun working in their field of study, 7 out of 10 obtained jobs within three months. Mathematicians, pharmacists and physicists are the professionals who found it easiest to get a job after graduation. Job satisfaction at work, however, is high in all subject areas; 94 per cent report that they enjoy their work. Asked if they lacked anything in their education, respondents indicated a common desire for a clearer connection between working life and placement. “The results have given us very good insights that we will take with us when we review and develop our Bachelor’s programmes,” says Åberg.

About the alumni survey

The survey, which was conducted as a quantitative survey in autumn of 2018, was sent to those who had completed at least 90 credits in their main field of study between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2017. A total of 879 alumni responded, resulting in a response rate of 46 per cent.