Adnan Jordamovic

5 questions for…

…Adnan Jordamovic, physics student and chair of the Science Section of the Göta studentkår student union

Why did you end up choosing physics?
“I wanted to study chemistry when I was younger, but my maths and physics teacher at secondary school sparked my interest in physics.”

And why did you get involved in the student union?
“The idea came to me a few years ago, when I saw that there was a need for proper representation of students’ health and well-being.”

Why do you think a student union is needed?
“Our main purpose is to safeguard the interests of students in relation to the University. The student union is important for student welfare, in particular their health and safety in the study environment and opportunities for studies on fair and equal terms. But it’s also important that we offer students social activities.”

What are the biggest challenges as chair?
“The biggest challenge is probably trying to interact with so many different people and make everyone as happy as possible. Finding enough time is also a big challenge. I’ve only been elected for one year and I’m trying to have as much impact as I can in that short time.”

What’s happening in the Science Section at the moment?
“Right now, most of our work is focused on Natrium, the new construction project that is in progress. We are trying to make sure that once the students move in, they will have the best studying conditions possible. That there are spaces where people can study, eat and socialise in supportive environments.”